Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
hostileup IDEvent_Def_Aerial_A Life Pulverization / Extinguish Life
root IDEvent_Def_Base_B_Up Strengthened Severe Blow / Boosted Severe Blow
hostileup IDEvent_Def_Laser_B_Up Strengthened Flame of Life / Boosted Soul Flame
IDEvent_Def_Restrict_B Soul Restraint / Restraint of the Soul
IDLuna_Siege_Restrict Terror's Restraint / Horror Shackles
hostileup IDLuna_Test_1 Instanced Dungeon Test Skill 1 / Instance Test Skill 1
IDLuna_Test_2 Instanced Dungeon Test Skill 2 / Instance Test Skill 2
IDLuna_Test_3 Instanced Dungeon Test Skill 3 / Instance Test Skill 3
snare IDLuna_Test_4 Instanced Dungeon Test Skill 4 / Instance Test Skill 4
root IDLuna_Test_5 Instanced Dungeon Test Skill 5 / Instance Test Skill 5
hostileup IDLuna_Test_Five
IDLuna_Test_Four Instanced Dungeon Test Skill 4 / Instance Test Skill 4
IDLuna_Test_ONE Instanced Dungeon Test Skill 1 / Instance Test Skill 1
IDLuna_Test_Three Instanced Dungeon Test Skill 3 / Instance Test Skill 3
IDLuna_Test_Two Instanced Dungeon Test Skill 2 / Instance Test Skill 2
IDSWEEP_02_FI1_Base Steady Sweep / Strike
IDSWEEP_02_FI1_Base_mob Shine's Strike / GM Shines' Strike
IDSWEEP_02_FI2_DashATK Gumshunerk's Charge Lv 1
IDSWEEP_02_FI2_DashATK_mob Shine's Power Attack / GM Shines' Strong Attack
IDSWEEP_02_FI3_Turn Whirling Steel / Cyclone
IDSWEEP_02_FI3_Turn_mob Shine's Cyclone / GM Shines' Cyclone
IDSWEEP_02_FI4_Aerial Tethering Strike / Restraint
IDSWEEP_02_FI5_Rage Staggering Smash / Rage
IDSWEEP_02_KN1_Base Shredding Blow / Severe Blow
IDSWEEP_02_KN1_Base_mob GM Stomper's Severe Blow
IDSWEEP_02_KN2_Hate Audacious Taunt
IDSWEEP_02_KN2_Hate_mob Stomper's Provoke / GM Stomper's Taunt
IDSWEEP_02_KN3_Snatch Sweeping Hook / Divine Grasp
IDSWEEP_02_KN3_Snatch_mob Stomper's Arrest / GM Stomper's Grasp
IDSWEEP_02_KN4_Protect Defiant Barrier / Blessing
IDSWEEP_02_WI1_Base Force Blast / Explosion
IDSWEEP_02_WI1_Base_mob GM Iris' Explosion
IDSWEEP_02_WI2_Storm Falling Thunderbolt / Arcane Thunderbolt
IDSWEEP_02_WI2_Storm_mob Iris' Falling Thunderbolt / GM Iris' Arcane Thunderbolt
IDSWEEP_02_WI3_Laser Searing Blaze / Incandescence
IDSWEEP_02_WI3_Laser_mob GM Iris' Fire
IDSWEEP_02_WI4_Frost Frostcage
IDSWEEP_02_WI5_Fireshork Roiling Pitchfire / Flame
IDSweep_FI1_Base Steady Sweep / Strike
IDSweep_FI2_DashATK Gumshunerk's Charge Lv 1
IDSweep_FI2_PowerATK Lethal Thrust / Strong Attack
IDSweep_FI3_Turn Whirling Steel / Cyclone
IDSweep_FI4_Aerial Tethering Strike / Restraint
IDSweep_FI5_Rage Staggering Smash / Rage
IDSweep_KN1_Base Shredding Blow / Severe Blow
IDSweep_KN2_Hate Audacious Taunt
IDSweep_KN3_Snatch Sweeping Hook / Divine Grasp
IDSweep_KN4_Protect Defiant Barrier / Blessing
IDSweep_WI1_Base Force Blast / Explosion
IDSweep_WI2_Storm Falling Thunderbolt / Arcane Thunderbolt
IDSweep_WI3_Laser Searing Blaze / Incandescence
IDSweep_WI4_Frost Frostcage
IDSweep_WI5_Fireshork Roiling Pitchfire / Flame
ID_Under_WI1_Base Destroy Locked Box / Destroy Sealed Box
dpheal_instant ITEM_QUEST_Q63004a 1st New Item / First Prototype
ITEM_QUEST_Q63005a 2nd New Item / Second Prototype
signet Signet1_1 Rune Carve I
Signet1_2 Rune Carve II
Signet1_3 Rune Carve III
Signet1_4 Rune Carve IV
Signet1_5 Rune Carve V
Signet2_1 Dragon Rune Carve I
Signet2_2 Dragon Rune Carve II
Signet2_3 Dragon Rune Carve III
Signet2_4 Dragon Rune Carve IV
Signet2_5 Dragon Rune Carve V
Signet3_1 Tear Flesh I
Signet3_2 Tear Flesh II
Signet3_3 Tear Flesh III
Signet3_4 Tear Flesh IV
Signet3_5 Tear Flesh V
Signet4_1 Rune I
Signet4_2 Rune II
Signet4_3 Rune III
Signet4_4 Rune IV
Signet4_5 Rune V
dpheal_instant World_event_Skill_NPC_Statup01 [Event] Emboldening Candle Blessing / [Event] Holy Candle Energy
food_dp_heal_instant DP Recovery
item_dp_consume_instant Dedication Prayer / Prayer of Kindness
item_potion_IDSweep_dp2000 Shugo Warrior's Minor Adrenaline / Shugo Hero's DP Serum
item_potion_IDSweep_dp4000 Shugo Warrior's Greater Adrenaline / Shugo Hero's Noble DP Serum
signet signet6_1 Engrave 1 / Rune 1
dpheal_instant world_food_dp_heal_instant_15m_dp2000 DP Recovery
heal_instant 2 IDLuna_Siege_Extinct Cloak of Darkness / Mantle of Darkness
IDSWEEP_02_KN4_Protect Defiant Barrier / Blessing
IDSWEEP_02_KN4_Protect_mob GM Stomper's Blessing
IDSweep_KN4_Protect Defiant Barrier / Blessing