Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
statup F6_NPC_Soul_Cinema_Buff Soul Condition / Soul Armor
GM_GMSHIELD GM's Armour / GM's Armor
shield GM_IronSkin_G1 Steel Skin / GM Armor! Lv 1
statup IDEternity_Artifact_Motion Activated Artefact / Vicious Barrage
shield World_event_IronSkin_G1 Steel Skin / Mithricillin
statup 100 Ab1_BuildUp_BonusSkill_G1 Boost Dodge Enemy / Boost Interpersonal Defense
apboost GM_APBoost_G2 Stomper's Compassion I / Stomper's Kindness I Lv 1
shapechange GM_Dark_Cherubim_G1 Turns you into a Kerubar! / Kerubar Time! Lv 1
GM_Dark_Fungy_G1 Turns you into a Fungie! / Fungie Features! Lv 1
drboost GM_DropBoost_G1 Luck Energy / Daeva's Fortune Lv 1
GM_DropBoost_G2 Energy of the Homerun Ball / Homerun Energy Lv 1
statup GM_Fighting_G1 Cheer Up / Daeva's Haste Lv 1
statup GM_FlashArms_G1 Arms, faster than Light I / GM Sleight of Hand I Lv 1
boostskillcastingtime GM_FlashHands_G1 Hands, faster than Light I / GM Mental Alacrity I Lv 1
statup GM_FlashLegs_G1 Feet, faster than Light I / GM Hustle I Lv 1
GM_FlyingDeva_G1 Fly, Daeva / GM Wings! Lv 1
GM_IrisGift_G1 Blessing of Airis I / GM Defenses I Lv 1
GM_IrisGift_G2 Blessing of Airis II / GM Defenses II Lv 2
GM_IrisGift_G3 Blessing of Airis III / GM Defenses III Lv 3
GM_LevelBoost_G1 Dusk of Heroes / Daeva's Fortitude Lv 1
shapechange GM_Light_Cherubim_G1 Turns you into a Kerubar! / Kerubar Time! Lv 1
GM_Light_Fungy_G1 Turns you into a Fungie! / Fungie Features! Lv 1
statup GM_VVIP_G1 Adrenaline Spike / GM Power! Lv 1
apboost GM_XPAPBoost_G1 Greatest Power in the Endless Battle / Panesterra Dominant Lv 1
GM_XPAPBoost_G2 Stomper's Blessing I Lv 1
GM_XPBoost_G2 Stomper's Healing I / Stomper's Grace I Lv 1
statup IDSweep_Drakan_AtkBuff Attack Boost / Boost Attack
IDSweep_Drakan_DefBuff Strengthen Defence / Boost Defense
IDSweep_Dumbboss_Defbuff Energy of Defence / Defensive Boost
IDSweep_Lizardmanfighter_Buff Attack Boost / Boost Attack
supportevent OPTIONBUFFEVENT_BOOST Hold tight! / Stick Yeah! Lv 1
OPTIONBUFFEVENT_BOOST_02 Ailinerk's Manastone Socketing Buff / Airinerk's Manastone Socketing Buff Lv 1
OPTIONBUFFEVENT_BOOST_target Hold tight! / Stick Yeah! Lv 1
drboost World_event_DropBoost_G1 Luck Energy / Dexteritrol
statup World_event_Fighting_G1 Cheer Up / Alacritin
World_event_FlashArms_G1 Arms, faster than Light I / Prosperitin
boostskillcastingtime World_event_FlashHands_G1 Hands, faster than Light I / Turbonel
statup World_event_FlyingDeva_G1 Fly, Daeva / Soaridine
World_event_IrisGift_G1 Blessing of Airis I / Abysaline 30cc
World_event_IrisGift_G2 Blessing of Airis II / Abysaline 60cc
World_event_IrisGift_G3 Blessing of Airis III / Abysaline 90cc
World_event_Mighty_Buff_1_G1 Powerful Encouragement I / Mighty's Passionate Cheer I
boostskillcastingtime World_event_Mighty_Buff_2_G1 Aided by the Mighty Hero. Increases attack speed by 2%% and critical strike rate by 20. / Mighty's Energetic Cheer I
drboost world_event_icebuff_drop Ice Blessing / Blessing of Ice
world_event_mintrump_DropBoost_01 Lucky Person / Luck of the Draw
statup world_event_mintrump_atk_phy_01 Bravery / Strong Hand
world_event_mintrump_casting_mag_01 Spirit of Magic / Shuffle and Deal
drboost world_event_toybuff_drop Teddy Bear's Cheering / Cheer from Legendary Toy Bear
world_event_wday_DropBoost_01 Lucky Person / Luck of the Draw
statup world_event_wday_atk_phy_01 Bravery / Strong Hand
world_event_wday_casting_mag_01 Spirit of Magic / Shuffle and Deal
world_event_wday_fighting_01 Zeal / Care Effect
world_iu_Boss_ADBuff Increase Attack / Bolstered Attack
world_iu_Boss_ADBuff2 Cheer Up Circus Director / Flatter the Nightmare