Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
alwaysblock Catacombs_ATKdeathknight Wrathful Strike
IDAbRe_CoreN_Bleed Cowering
IDCatacombs_ArchPriest2_dispel Conqueror's Strike
IDCatacombs_Boss_Drake_AreaATK Inevitable Flame
IDCatacombs_Shulack_poison7 Violent Cloud
IDElemental2_Butler_BlockATK Total Exhaustion
IDHouse_Zadra2_BlockAtk Rakescar
KN_CryingInsult_G1_Buff Cry of Ridicule Effect
KN_N_MassiveProvoke_Buff Snickering Roar Effect / Provoking Roar Effect Lv 1
NKN_StatUpPhysicalDefense_Cr Crouch
20 KN_Dark_ThreateningWave_G1_Buff Effect Threatening Wave / Blind Anger Effect
KN_InvinsibleShield_G1 Shield of Faith Lv 1
KN_InvinsibleShield_G2 (Improved) Shield of Faith / (Advanced) Shield of Faith Lv 2
KN_Light_ThreateningWave_G1_Buff Effect Threatening Wave / Battle Call Effect
100 KN_DivineJudgement_G1_Buff Divine Chastisement I Effect
120 KN_DivineJudgement_G2_Buff Divine Chastisement II
140 KN_DivineJudgement_G3_Buff Divine Chastisement III
160 KN_DivineJudgement_G4_Buff Divine Chastisement IV
180 KN_DivineJudgement_G5_Buff Effect Divine Chastisement V / Divine Chastisement V Effect