Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
heal IDBC_CH_ImprovedLifeStream_G8_lv1 Protective Shield I / Blood Pact I Lv 8
IDBC_CH_ImprovedLifeStream_G8_lv2 Protective Shield II / Blood Pact II Lv 8
IDBC_CH_ImprovedLifeStream_G8_lv3 Protective Shield III / Blood Pact III Lv 8
M_Heal_A004_1_1 Weda's Splendour / Viola's Splendor Lv 1
M_Heal_A004_2_1 Weda's Enhanced Splendour / Strengthened Splendor of Restoration Lv 2