Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
hide AS_DimensionImage_G1_Proc Dimension Image I Effect
AS_ShadowDodge_G1 Flash of Speed Lv 1
AS_ShadowIllusion_G1 Shadow Illusion Lv 1
AS_Stigma_ShadowWalk_G1 Shadow Walk Lv 1
AS_Stigma_ShadowWalk_G2 (Improved) Shadow Walk / (Advanced) Shadow Walk Lv 2
AS_WindWalk_Custom_A Shadow of Resistance / Shadow Walk [Daevanion]
AS_WindWalk_Custom_A_up (Improved) Shadow of Resistance / (Advanced) Shadow Walk [Daevanion]
AS_WindWalk_Custom_B Speed's Shadow / Rapid Shadow [Daevanion]
AS_WindWalk_Custom_B_up (Improved) Speed's Shadow / (Advanced) Rapid Shadow [Daevanion]
AS_WindWalk_G1 Wind Walk Lv 1
Ab1_F_GuardianHead_Idle Steel Wall / Iron Wall
BNEL_Hide_DF2Ch Mist Shaping
BattleGround_polymorph_Hide_Long Camouflage Shield / Stealth Barrier
D2_Common_Hide Hide
EL_Escape_G1 Cloaking Word Lv 1
EL_Escape_G2 (Improved) Cloaking Word / (Advanced) Cloaking Word Lv 2
Event_Devanamed_ShieldHide_Self Shadowbound / Night Haze
F6_DynamicCloud_Hide Hide Shape / Vanish
GNAS_HideLong_Nr Hide Shape
GNAS_ShieldHide_Self Illusion Flight / Intrinsic Illusion
IDBC_GU_ArmorBreak_G6_lv1 Shadow Camouflage I / Shadow Speed I Lv 1
IDBC_GU_ArmorBreak_G6_lv2 Shadow Camouflage II / Shadow Speed II Lv 1
IDBC_HIDE_01 Exploit Asmodian Weakness / Asmodian Bonus Damage
IDCatacombs_Shulack_Blind Time Wrinkle
IDEternity_Hide Trace in the Darkness / Stealth
IDEternity_Q_HD_Hide Change Element / Cosmic Conversion
IDHouse_Zadra2_Hide Undercover
IDLDF5_U1_WAR_SCROLL_HIDE Auxiliary Disguise Scroll / Camouflage Scroll
IDTiamat_Avatar_Teleport Teleport
IDTiamat_BurrowingWorm_Burrow Pierce / Gnaw
IDTiamat_Invisibility_AreaHide Life-Saving Camouflage / Area Hide
IDYun_DrakanScoutF_Hide Hide II
IDYun_DrakanScoutF_HideSanc Wind Walk III
IDYun_Nishaka_Hide Hide
IDYun_Vasharti_Hide Combust
Kisk_NPC_hide1 Basic Stealth
LDF4a_Calydon_Patriarch_Casting_Self Temporary Retreat
LDF4a_D2_SD_Hide_Battle Opportunist
LDF4a_D2_SD_Hide_Spawn Shadowbound
LDF4a_Hide_Self Silhouette
LDF4b_D2_Hide_WakeUp Hide
LDF4b_GoldenTatar_Hide Hide Clone
Material_Hide_G1 Dimension Image I Effect
NAS_HideLong_Nr Hide Shape
NAS_HideSelf_Long Concealment
NAS_HideSelf_Nc_No Perfect Hide
NAS_HideStDwSp_Lr Hide Shape
NAS_Hide_Long_Type3 Cover Tracks / Reserved Step
NAS_Hide_Nor Hide Shape
NAS_Hide_ShadowS Hide
NAS_Hide_ShortCast Hide Shape
NAS_Invisible Hide
NAS_SuAtt1Long_Self Boost Courage
NEL_PolyParHide_Nr Soul Delete
NGR_BombShieldHide_Nr Install Bomb
NGR_XDrakanBuffHide_No Anuhart's Concealment
NKN_Hide_LF3Boss Hide Self
NPCTraphide Basic Stealth
NPC_WindWalk_G1 Wind Walk I
Odian_Escape Shadow Crest / Shadow Insignia Lv 1
Odian_InstantSprint Twisted Shadow / Shadow Feint Lv 1
RA_Fasthide_G1 Shadowbound / Night Haze Lv 1
RA_Fasthide_G2 Shadowbound / Night Haze Lv 2
RA_Fasthide_G3 Shadowbound / Night Haze Lv 3
RA_Fasthide_G4 (Improved) Shadowbound / (Advanced) Shadowbound Lv 4
RA_N_NPCTraphide Basic Stealth / Minor Stealth Lv 1
RVR_Guardian_Return Return
Station_DrakanNinja_Hide Hide
WorldRaid_SandWorm_NormalFire Concealment / Burrow
World_Event_Hide Hideout
dread_hide_Skill Cloaking Pearl / Shadow Marble
world_madeinabyss_hide_01 Power of the Pipes / Power of the Whistle
1 EV_RA_Hide_G1 Enhanced Stealth / Advanced Stealth Lv 1
RA_Hide_G1 Hide 1 / Hide I Lv 1
21 IDArena_Solo_S5_As_Hide_G2 Hide I
SC_Hide_G2 Hide 2 / Hide II Lv 2
SC_Hide_inanna Hide Lv 1
100 Abyss_Artifact_RainofSilence_G1 Tenebrous Cloak Lv 1
120 Abyss_Artifact_RainofSilence_G2 Tenebrous Cloak Lv 2
DF4_Artifact_RainofSilence_G1 Spectral Mist Lv 1