Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
search AS_SixSense_G1 Searching Eye Lv 1
IDForest_Wave_Trico_Debuff2 Gaze of Darkness
IDForest_Wave_Trico_Debuff3 Tryinco's Curse
LDF4b_GoldenTatar_Search Burning Eyes
WI_MindsEye_G1 Boon of Clairvoyance Lv 1
food_d_shape_3C_FlyingEye_29_Ae Oculazen Candy
item_scroll_search Vanar's Lamp
item_seed_of_search Trap: Hide Detection Effect
1 Gu_MagicalSearchEye_G1 Magic Eye of Clarity / Revealing Scope Lv 1
RA_MindsEye_G1 Hunter's Eye Lv 1
20 AS_SixSense_G2 All-Seeing Eye / Advanced Eye Lv 1
55 IDCatacombs_Deform_Skeleton Sixth Sense
60 BattleGround_polymorph_shugo_Search Camouflage Sensor / Stealth Detection
IDBC_Search_01 Exploit Elyos Weakness / Elyos Bonus Damage
IDForest_Wave_Trico_Sequela Tryinco Rebirth
LDF4b_D2_Search_WakeUp Keen Eyes
75 IDTM_Arena_Search Golden Eagle Eye / True-Sight