Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
onetimeboostskillcritical AS_PollutionCut_Custom_A_sys2 Second Slash / Serial Slash
AS_PollutionCut_Custom_B_sys2 Boosted Second Slash / Slashing Onslaught
AS_PollutionCut_Custom_B_sys2_up (Improved) Boosted Second Slash / (Advanced) Slashing Onslaught
Ba_Requiem_Custom_B_sys2 Illusion Symphony / Symphony of Illusion
Ba_Requiem_Custom_B_sys2_up (Improved) Illusion Symphony / (Advanced) Blazing Requiem
CH_SonicGenoside_Custom_A_Cri Resonance Disruption / Resonating Dance
CH_SonicGenoside_Custom_B_Cri Boosted Resonance Disruption / Empowered Resonating Dance
CH_SonicGenoside_Custom_B_Cri_up (Improved) Boosted Resonance Disruption / (Advanced) Empowered Resonating Dance
EL_DimissPolymorph_Custom_A_sys_Cri Decaying Mind / Spirit Rend
EL_DimissPolymorph_Custom_A_sys_Cri_up (Improved) Decaying Mind / (Advanced) Spirit Rend
FI_BerserkStance_Custom_A_sys Vow of the Charge / Vow of Charge
Gu_FireChainReload_Custom_A_Sys Load Cannonball / Charge Cannonball
KN_BreakPower_Custom_A_Cri Shatter Strength / Opportunistic Strike
KN_BreakPower_Custom_B_Cri Boosted Shatter Strength / Ankle Breaker
KN_BreakPower_Custom_B_Cri_up (Improved) Boosted Shatter Strength / (Advanced) Ankle Breaker
RA_CrushShot_Custom_B_sys_Cri Sustained Arrow Rain / Rupture Arrow Assault
RA_CrushShot_Custom_B_sys_Cri_up (Improved) Sustained Arrow Rain / (Advanced) Rupture Arrow Onslaught
RA_HunterMind_G1 Hunter's Might Lv 1
RA_HunterMind_G2 (Improved) Hunter's Might / (Advanced) Hunter's Might Lv 2
Wi_windsleep_G4_sys (Improved) Wind of Torpor / (Advanced) Slumberswept Wind
10 Gu_ForeHeadSnipe_Custom_B_sys Concentrated Headshot / Focusing Head Shot
Gu_ForeHeadSnipe_Custom_B_sys_up (Improved) Concentrated Headshot / (Advanced) Precise Shots
30 AS_Blindside_Custom_A_sys Swift Heavy Attack / Swift Assault
AS_Blindside_Custom_A_sys_up (Improved) Swift Heavy Attack / (Advanced) Swift Assault
50 VW_2HSword_sys_G1 Shy Vision: Enchanted Greatsword / Lesser Imbuement: Enhanced Greatsword
VW_2HSword_sys_G2 Bold Vision: Enchanted Greatsword / Imbuement: Enhanced Greatsword
VW_2HSword_sys_G3 Grim Vision: Enchanted Greatsword / Greater Imbuement: Enhanced Greatsword
VW_Bow_sys_G1 Shy Vision: Enchanted Longbow / Lesser Imbuement: Enhanced Bow
VW_Bow_sys_G2 Bold Vision: Enchanted Longbow / Imbuement: Enhanced Bow
VW_Bow_sys_G3 Grim Vision: Enchanted Longbow / Greater Imbuement: Enhanced Bow
VW_Dagger_sys_G1 Shy Vision: Enchanted Dagger / Lesser Imbuement: Enhanced Dagger
VW_Dagger_sys_G2 Bold Vision: Enchanted Dagger / Imbuement: Enhanced Dagger
VW_Dagger_sys_G3 Grim Vision: Enchanted Dagger / Greater Imbuement: Enhanced Dagger
VW_Harp_sys_G1 Shy Vision: Enchanted Stringed Instrument / Lesser Imbuement: Enhanced Harp
VW_Orb_sys_G1 Shy Vision: Enchanted Orb / Lesser Imbuement: Enhanced Orb
100 VW_Harp_sys_G2 Bold Vision: Enchanted Stringed Instrument / Imbuement: Enhanced Harp
VW_Orb_sys_G2 Bold Vision: Enchanted Orb / Imbuement: Enhanced Orb
150 VW_Harp_sys_G3 Grim Vision: Enchanted Stringed Instrument / Greater Imbuement: Enhanced Harp
VW_Orb_sys_G3 Grim Vision: Enchanted Orb / Greater Imbuement: Enhanced Orb