Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
paralyze AAR_FPAtkIns_Paralyze Wing Paralysis
AGAS_SatkParalyze_Nr Sulphur Paralyse / Sulfur Paralyze
AGAS_SatkParalyze_TA Wide Area Sulphur Paralyse / Wide Area Sulfur Paralyze
AP_Proc_ParalyzDebuff_Proc_G1 Protection: Paralysis I / Protection: Stasis Shield I
AP_Proc_ParalyzDebuff_Proc_G2 Protection: Paralysis II / Protection: Stasis Shield II
AP_Proc_ParalyzDebuff_Proc_G3 Protection: Paralysis III / Protection: Stasis Shield III
AP_Proc_ParalyzDebuff_Proc_G4 Protection: Paralysis IV / Protection: Paralyze IV
AWI_Paralyze_ArH_LC_Pw_Carrier Magnetic Field of Paralysis
AWI_Paralyze_Ar_LC_Pw_Carrier Wave of Paralysis
Arena_pvp01_S2_ItemSkill_Area Fire Paralysis Bomb
Arena_pvp01_S2_paralyze FFA Flying Stage Aerial Paralysis Object Skill
BNEL_ParC8NoFlyDrainTA5_LC_No Nerve Absorption
BNEL_ParDeformSDDefTA16 Petrification
BNEL_ParDeformSDDefTA40 Powerful Petrification
BNEL_ParMPattTA3_AddReflect60 Soul Torrent
BNEL_ParShapeBleedTA_DF2Ch Petrification
BNEL_ParalyzeSA5_Nr Brain Wave Shock
BNEL_PolyParSDDeflongTA40_No Statue Curse
BNFI_ParDeformSDHPTA39_AddSUDef Abyssal Aetherisation / Aetherization of the Abyss
BNFI_ParDeformSDHPTA40_AddSUDef Paralysis
BNPEL_ParDotTA40c8_ice_Area Quick Freeze
BNWI_DeformDrakan_TA Curse: Stone Statue Transformation
BNWI_NepBoss_SpellAtkPetrify_Poi Stone Curse
BNWI_Par8SSatkMPNTA15_AddHeal_ArF Soul Petrify
BNWI_ParalyzeLr_DFRaid Explosion of Wrath
BNWI_ParalyzeSA_LFRaid_sum Enervating Wave
BN_DragonBreathA_Dramata Lightning Breath
BN_ParalyzeTA_Dramata Ear Piercing Shriek
Ba_DelayParalyze_G1_sys You are paralysed. / Paralyzed.
Chf_SpellTA15Par20_Poi Nerve Paralysis
DGRA_H_Tree_TA Ranged Curse of Roots
DGWI_Tree_Nr Curse of Roots
DGWI_Tree_TA Wide Area Curse of Roots
DNAS_SatkApPosAddSA_Par Boost Deadly Virulency
Dreadgion_PowrATK_02 Widespread Shock Bombardment / Expansive Barrage
EL_VacuumExplosion_Custom_A_sys2 Titanic Vacuum Explosion / Great Vacuum Choke
EL_VacuumExplosion_Custom_A_sys2_up (Improved) Titanic Vacuum Explosion / (Advanced) Great Vacuum Choke
Event_Baseball_Deform_Fear Baseball Mutation
Event_pocketball_Deform_Fear Billiard Ball / Billiard Mutation
GGFI_ParalyzeSA8_Nr Ranged Paralysis
GNEL_Petrification_Chain1 Petrification
GNFI_ParaBoltHTA_AddSUPhyatt Electric Current Shock
GNFI_ParaBoltTA30_AddSUPhyatt Endless Power
GNWI_ParalyzeSAshort_Kalupa Paralysis Wave
GNWI_Sleep_Air_Del Anesthesia
GWI_Tree_Nr Curse of Roots
GWI_Tree_TA Wide Area Curse of Roots
Gu_IceBallCannon_Custom_A Paralysing Projectile / Conductive Cannon [Daevanion]
Gu_IceBallCannon_Custom_A_up (Improved) Paralysing Projectile / (Advanced) Conductive Cannon [Daevanion]
HDF_FlamePillage_G1 Scorching Attack / Inferno's Embrace Lv 1
IDAbRe_CoreB_LongParalyze Constricting Webs
IDAbRe_CoreN_AreaATK Unstable Earth
IDAbRe_CoreN_SummonWorms Hatch
IDArena_S10_Par8SSatkMPNTA15_AddHeal_ArF Soul Petrify
IDArena_S10_Paralyze Dimensional Vortex
IDArena_team01_S1_Trap_02_Stun Activation of the Paralysis Trap / Activate Paralysis Trap
IDDramata_Paralyze Chilling Gaze
IDElemental_Bridge_Bomb Relic Explosion
IDEternity_01_Priest_Paralyze Lightning Spear / Force Freeze
IDEternity_02_SnakeL_Paralyze Deathly Wickedness / Poisonous Vapors
IDEternity_02_Tower_Paralyze_01 Lightning Smash / Lightning Strike
IDEternity_ParalyzeSA8_Nr Ranged Paralysis
IDF5_R2_Sync2_SpellATK_SA Magnetic Storm
IDF7_Weapon_AreaParalyze Cold Roar
stun IDF8_Dragon_Altar_Stun_sys Mirrored Stun / Reverse Stun
paralyze IDF8_House_Fireball_SpellAtk_Paralyze Guided Paralysis Bomb / Paralytic Bomb
paralyze IDHouse_Prime_Paralyze Shutdown
IDHouse_Zadra2_AreaDeform Drakie Curse
IDHouse_Zadra2_AreaParalyze Surkana's Torment
IDInfinity_SpellATK_Paralyze Shock
IDLDF5_Fortress_Re_ParaShield_TA Id Prison / Aether Prison
IDRUN_DelayParalyze_G1_sys You are paralysed. / Paralyzed.
IDRaksha_BNCL_Paralyze Oppression of the Reaper
IDRaksha_BNKN_Paralyze Frozen Stare
IDRaksha_BNKN_TAParalyze Gazing Trap
IDRaksha_BNKN_TAPulled Stare Down
IDRaksha_basuki_Paralyze Oppressing Fear
IDSeal_Boss_Vritra_AreaFire Grasping Darkness / Soul Plunder
IDTiamat_Kumbanda_Paralyze Stop Space and Time / Time Stop
IDTiamat_Tahabata_AreaParalyze Terror Flame / Flame Terror
IDTiamat_Tiamat_AreaFire Dragon Lord's Roar
IDTransform_HDF_FlamePillage_G1 Scorching Attack / Inferno's Embrace Lv 1
IDYun_Ariana_AreaSnare Restraint Charm
IDYun_Vasharti_BlazeViolet Paralyse / Paralyze
LDF4a_D2_LD_Paralyze Vicious Strike
LDF4a_D2_SD_HPDrain_Paralyze Sanguine Paralysis
LDF4a_D2_SD_Paralyze Passing Paralysis
LDF4a_D2_SD_Paralyze_Dot Core Shocked
LDF4a_D2_SD_Paralyze_Mdamage Jolting Call
LDF4a_Owllau_Chieftain_Prison_User Charm: Water Cell
LDF4a_SkillAtkIns_Paralyze_Target Bind Spider Web
LDF4a_SkillAtkIns_Paralyze_Target_40 Throw Spider Web
LDF4b_CrystalPrime_Polymorph_Blue Mutation: Blue Crystal
LDF4b_CrystalPrime_Polymorph_DispelBlue Reversal: Blue Crystal
LDF4b_CrystalPrime_Polymorph_Red Mutation: Blue Crystal
LDF4b_D2_OnlyOne_Paralyze Paralysis
LDF4b_TiamatAvatar_Gravity_Paralyze Thunderbolt
LDF4b_TiamatAvatar_Lapidification_Paralyze Petrification
NAR_NewPetrification_Po Flying Object Petrification
NAS_SatkApPosAddSA_Nr Ranged Allergy
NAS_SatkApPosAddSA_Par Boost Deadly Virulency
NEL_NewPetrificationLongtime_Po Powerful Petrification
NEL_NewPetrificationTA_Nr Petrification Field
NEL_NewPetrification_Po Petrification
NEL_PolyParHide_Nr Soul Delete
NFI_Paralyze_Short Petrification
NGR_Paralyze_Spider Web
NWI_If_Sleep_Add_Paralyze Nightmare
NWI_ParShortApFlyNoFly_LC_Nr Magical Eye
NWI_ParalyzeHSA_Thunder Lightning Shock
NWI_ParalyzeHTA_Scream Sharp Scream
NWI_ParalyzeSA_Water Paralysis Wave
NWI_ParalyzeST_Water Nerve Impact
NWI_Paralyze_ArLr_Long_Nr_GC Paralysis Wave
NWI_Paralyze_ThunderTA_Nc_No Flashbolt
NWI_SpellATKParTA5_Poi Paralyse / Paralyze
NWI_SpellongParTA_mortal_ADDleh Wonderful Magic
NWI_Tree_Nr Curse of Roots
RI_EathiumNet_G1 Electric Air Wave / Nerve Pulse Lv 1
RI_EathiumNet_G2 Electric Air Wave / Nerve Pulse Lv 2
RI_EathiumNet_G3 Electric Air Wave / Nerve Pulse Lv 3
RI_EathiumNet_G4 (Improved) Electric Air Wave / (Advanced) Nerve Pulse Lv 4
RI_TanglingAttack_G1 Electric Shock Lv 1
RI_TanglingAttack_G10 Electric Shock Lv 10
RI_TanglingAttack_G2 Electric Shock Lv 2
RI_TanglingAttack_G3 Electric Shock Lv 3
RI_TanglingAttack_G4 Electric Shock Lv 4
RI_TanglingAttack_G5 Electric Shock Lv 5
RI_TanglingAttack_G6 Electric Shock Lv 6
RI_TanglingAttack_G7 Electric Shock Lv 7
RI_TanglingAttack_G8 Electric Shock Lv 8
RI_TanglingAttack_G9 Electric Shock Lv 9
SDGRA_Tree_TA Wide Area Curse of Roots
Tab_NEL_Paralyze Nerve Destruction
Test_SignetBurst2Effect Pain Rune Paralyse Addition Effect / Pain Rune Paralyze Addition Effect
TiamatDrakan_Scout_Paralyze Ice Trap
WI_FireShooter_Custom_A Flameshot / Aether Inferno [Daevanion]
WI_FireShooter_Custom_A_up (Improved) Flameshot / (Advanced) Aether Inferno [Daevanion]
WI_stoneBarrier_G1 Refuge Barrier / Repulsion Field Lv 1
WI_stoneBarrier_G2 Refuge Barrier / Repulsion Field Lv 2
WI_stoneBarrier_G3 Refuge Barrier / Repulsion Field Lv 3
item_skill_proc_paralyze_u1_65a Paralyse / Paralyze
1 IDSweep_03_time_frozen Time Stands Still / Freeze Time
world_event_boss_frozen High-speed Freeze
buffstun world_event_npc_frozen
paralyze world_idsweep_boss_frozen
10 VW_Paralyze_sys_G1 Shy Vision: Paralysis / Lesser Imbuement: Paralyze
VW_Paralyze_sys_G2 Bold Vision: Paralysis / Imbuement: Paralyze
item_skill_proc_paralyze Paralyse / Paralyze
20 Odian_DivineSpark Paralysing Blow / Divine Paralyze Lv 1
PR_DivineSpark_Custom_A Discharge Paralysis / Paralyzing Spark [Daevanion]
PR_DivineSpark_Custom_A_up (Improved) Discharge Paralysis / (Advanced) Paralyzing Spark [Daevanion]
VW_Paralyze_sys_G3 Grim Vision: Paralysis / Greater Imbuement: Paralyze
60 ITEM_QUEST_Q41545a Antidote Side Effects
100 LDF4B_T4_Artifact_Crystal_Deform_G1 Golem Mutator Lv 1
200 IDEvent01_TowerFreeze Auxiliary Freeze / Tower Freeze
IDRUN_gasfloor_paralyze_01 Solitary Paralysis / Targeted Paralysis
ITEM_QUEST_Q41530a Ribbit Transformation / Ribbit Mutation
Item_IDLDF5_Fortress_re_Freezing Runatorium Prison / Idgel Dome Prison
Item_IDLDF5_under2_war_Freezing Jormungand Prison / Ophidan Prison
idkamar_boom_skill_01 Explosive Pearl Effect / Handmade Explosive
idkamar_boom_skill_02 Effect: Beritra Army's Durable Explosive Projectile / Beritran Explosive Shell
item_IDEvent01_AreaRoot2 Freezing Curse / Wrapping
item_idarena_skill_01 Explosive Bead Effect
signet5_3 Statue Level 3 / Frozen Stage 3