Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
alwaysresist AP_Proc_AlwaysDodge_Proc_G1 Protection: Evasion I
AS_AlertStance_G1 Spelldodging Lv 1
AS_WhisperofGale_G1 Aethertwisting Lv 1
BNFI_Invincible_Statue Indomitable Armour / Indomitable Armor
BNWI_Sanctuary_Rune_Self Aetheric Field of Necromancy / Ide Shield
BN_SleepSelf2_Dramata Protective Slumber
EL_ResistMagic_G1 Contract of Resistance Lv 1
EV_ResistMagic_G1 Illusion Pact / Aetherphase Contract Lv 2
F6_Event_High_Boss_ShieldSanctuary Invincibility
FI_BerserkStance_Custom_B_sys Attack Position / Charging Stance
GU_CheckingToAvoid_G1 Controlled Evasion / Bulletproof Lv 1
IDDF3_T_Messenger_PerfectDefence Beritra's Protection / Beritra's Clout
IDF7_Ere_Weaken Necrosis
IDRUN_InvinsibleProtect_G1 Empyrean Providence
IDRUN_Protect Frost Barrier / Frost Protection
IDRaksha_Invincible_Shield Absolute Barrier
IDStation_Sanctuary Protective Shield Generator / Power Generator Barrier
IDwater_Shield Plasma Shield
LDF4_Advance_GodElite_Sanctuary Absolute Defence / Absolute Defense
LDF4_Boss_ShieldSanctuarySS Barricade / Deny Aggression
LDF5_F_GuardianHead_Idle Steel Wall / Iron Wall
LF5_24_Sanctuary_Rune_Self Protective Shield of Darkness
PA_PaintCovering_Custom_B_sys Glaze Coating / Rainbow Shower
PA_RapidHardening_G1 Glaze Coating / Rainbow Shower Lv 1
PA_RapidHardening_G2 (Improved) Glaze Coating / (Advanced) Rainbow Shower Lv 2
RA_ResistMind_G1 Nature's Resolve Lv 1
RA_ResistMind_G2 (Improved) Nature's Resolve / (Advanced) Nature's Resolve Lv 2
RIDE_RESIST_G1 Ascension Blessing: Resistance / Safe Boarding: Resistance
RI_EathiumCurtain_G1 Instant Defensive Shield / Nullification Trigger Lv 1
SC_WhisperofWind_G1 Focused Evasion Lv 1
Sanctuary_IDF6_LF1_Self Aetheric Field Protective Shield / Aetheric Shield