Aion 7.5 skill effect IDs

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effect1 typeeffect1 basiclvnamelocalized name
statup BN_HenchmanBuff_PhyDef Defence Aether / Defense Aether
BN_UserBuff_PhyDef Defence Aether Effect / Defense Aether Effect
BN_UserBuff_Reward_Hench Victory Salute
DGPR_Buff_Nr Circle of Steel
GNEL_Transformation__Nr Transformation
GNKN_SUpHPSUpPyatt_Nr Health Supplement
GNPR_ShieldSUpHPPydef_Nr Strong Body
IDArena_Solo_Agrint_MagicDefBuffA_Buff Boost Resist Magic / Boost Magic Resist
IDArena_team01_S1_Trap_01_Stun Activation of Numbness Trap / Activate Stun Trap
IDF7_ControlMind_Buff Bukarota's Restraint of the Soul / Soul Prison
NAR_SUpPyAtt_Starturtle Crouch Hard
NAS_ShulackHelpcall Quiet Shout
NFI_StatUpPhysicalDefense_D3 Endurance
NFI_StatUpPhysicalDefense_Trickdie Beg
NKN_Helpcall Shout
NKN_SUPydefSA_Nr Deprivation of Attack Will
NKN_SUPydef_Nr Boost Physical Defence / Boost Physical Defense
NKN_StatUpPhyDefense_ShortD3 Endurance
NKN_StatUpPhysicalDefense_Cr Crouch
NKN_StatUpPhysicalDefense_D2ME Tenacity / Determination
NKN_StatUpPhysicalDefense_LycanPR Endurance
NKN_StatUpPhysicalDefense_Protect Protection
NPR_SUpPydefST_Po Iron-Clad
NRA_Direction2_D3 Spirit Counter-attack / Spirit Counterattack
NWA_SUpPyAtt_Starturtle Hide in Hardened Shell
Summon_QGargoyleBoss Summon Gargoyle
Tab_NFI_StatUpDefendAll Dragon's Protection
item_potion_physicaldefend Boost Physical Defence I / Boost Physical Defense I
item_scroll_defend_physical Increase Physical Damage Reduction / Physical Defense Boost