Aion Classic skill delay IDs

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idnamedesc locdelay time
1306 CH_Rejuvenation_G1 Word of Revival I 5000
1307 CH_Rejuvenation_G2 Word of Revival II
1308 CH_Rejuvenation_G3 Word of Revival III
1339 CH_Rejuvenation_G4 Word of Revival IV
958 CL_ConversionEnergy_G1 Light of Renewal I
959 CL_ConversionEnergy_G2 Light of Renewal II
960 CL_ConversionEnergy_G3 Light of Renewal III
961 CL_ConversionEnergy_G4 Light of Renewal IV
992 CL_ConversionEnergy_G5 Light of Renewal V
19585 NPC_ConversionEnergy_G4 Light of Renewal IV 0
1095 PR_RapidRegeneration_G1 Light of Rejuvenation I 5000
1096 PR_RapidRegeneration_G2 Light of Rejuvenation II
1097 PR_RapidRegeneration_G3 Light of Rejuvenation III
1118 PR_RapidRegeneration_G4 Light of Rejuvenation IV